Ba Gua Zhang is a martial art that combines in the same shape, fighting, health care and philosofy. It was born in China in the middle of 1800 d.c., during Xian Feng Reign (1851-1861), of the Qing Dinasty, this art take rules from the Mutaments Book, otherwise Yi Jing, that’s is the most important book of the chinese traditional cultural. Its movements training the articulate concatenation, the tendinous tension, the strengthening of the bone structure and the deep bio-fascial work, so in this way allow to release force without tension. This parctise, over the eyes of beginner, appear like a slow motion process, because you must to move over a scheme that take rules from deep theoric principles. After some times, allow to make giant’s steps, both technically and physically (tipical quality is jump capacity). This characteristics make Ba Gua practicable at every age, with much and obvious benefits to health. The fluid muvments, that allow to extend and contract in natural way the body in all direction, helps to improve blood circulation and the internal energy, with strengthening of the tissues and organs.

The fighting’s art of Ba Gua is incomparable. Based on proven scientific principles, in armony with rules of infinite changes, its have inside an invincible strategy. Its movments are like the waves of the sea, continuous and uninterrupted; the movement is unending, when the body appeart steady, too. The shots are powerful, but body is everytime flexible, a suddendly alternation of states, like lightning in the sky. Body’s characteristics change over situation. The trainee grow up a stabile center, that take over control our body and enemy movemet, that is sucked in one or more inextricable spirals. Left and right, up and down, in front and behind attracts and repels each other, with the body that fills and empties, following the “divine law”: its the continuous change that guide the implementation of techniques. Just like this Tao can fulfill proper destiny.

The Ba Gua is just last valuable fruit of Millenary tradition Chinese Martial Arts. For this reason it was honored by titles such as Jue Quan, “The Deadly Boxing”, or Shen Quan “the Divine Boxing”, or again Tianxia diyi Quan “The First World Boxing”.


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