The origins of the Book of Changes are very ancient, since it tracks back to more than 4000 years ago.

This Work encloses two main aspects, which are, apparently, opposite one against the other: the oracle, which is unknown to most of people, because we do not understand its laws, above all in the Western World; and the great scientific value of observation and formalization of the rules of nature, which makes it a mile stone of Daoist thought. Its worldwide fame originates from these two aspects.

The up-to-dateness which spreads from its precepts at every reading seems really unbelievable.

Many scholars agree that the discovery of the binary code, at the basis of the modern technology of electronic nets and telecommunications, has been possible by an enlightening study on the symbols of the Yi Jing, made by Leibnitz.

The Book of Changes forms the synthesis of a millenary knowledge, made by men of wide intellect. The book is founded on the observation of the movements of the planets and their effect on the life of beings inhabiting the Earth, going as far as to contain and explain the rule of Heaven and Earth.

Being subject to the laws of the Universe, the human being undergoes the rules of the Yi Jing and can live in harmony and prosperity only if he knows them in advance, and is then able to live them fully, reaching the utmost understanding of the norms that regulate the natural phenomena. This is the deep task of the Yi Jing, to absolve a role of guidance in the instructional path of everybody.

In China, the Book of Changes has influenced all the fields of knowledge, including the most evolved martial arts, the strategic military thought, power relations, career and interpersonal relationships.

BMA puts the study of the Book of Changes at the centre of all its educational programs, since it’s considered the compass of all the disciplines that are present in the study program. BMA also tries to offer a modern and complete training, good for the explanation of its benefit in every aspect of everyday life.


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