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Mian Xiang, or the art of face reading, is a traditional Chinese science which dates back to the Yellow Emperor Huang Di’s times (2700 – 2150 b.C.). It came out of the observation of the physical appearance of a person: the shape, the features, the bone structure, the presence of particular signs like moles, the color of the face but also facial mimicry and all the expressions of our behavior from which you can deduce the circulation and the state of the Qi.
This Art has been the subject of many studies since the most ancient times. The informations concerning Mian Xiang are kept in ancient classical texts like the Shen Xiang Quan Pian, the Shen Xiang Tie Guan Dao, the Ma Yi and the Liu Zhuang, which explain the techniques and the principles of this endless science. Yet, Chinese people are not the only ones who developed this science. In Ancient Greece, as a matter of fact, Hippocrates was a great supporter of the subject; Aristotle, in his writings, discussed the methods of valuation of a person’s character, deriving from the observation of facial mimicry.
The difference between the far eastern and western setting out is that the Chinese science, besides personality traits and character, also went forward to examine people’s destiny, talent and quality, in order to improve their existence.
In the forbidden city, face reading was a science applied by Chinese strategists and Court counselors who had the task to suggest and guide the choices of the Emperor.
In our days, recognizing the qualities of people around us is a common problem. We can’t hide from ourselves that we too often make mistakes because we can’t relate the appearance of a person with the respective character: an apparently crabbed person can actually prove herself nice and sincere, when you know her better. Therefore, we all have the experience that it’s very hard to valuate our fellowmen. For this reason, BMA proposes Mian Xiang trainings with clear and modern didactic programs, adequate to today’s requirements.


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