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The Feng Shui, letterally wind and water, is dedicated to the study of distribution about Qi in the environment where we live to obtain maximum comfort in our homes and workplaces.
This discipline is a science, based on Mathematical , Physical, Astronomical and Geographical principles.
According Confucian thought, the human is part of the universe where is living in. It must be respect for Mother Earth, and doesn’t take action against Sky expect. It must protect the ecosystem and comply with it.
The Feng Shui learn us to get awareness of the environment that surrounds us, and recognize positive quality and potentiality, and minimize negative efect, too.
According to the ancient wise men that studied Mutaments Book, the material of which it is composed the universe aggregates and separates thanks to an energy component called “Qi”.
The Qi quality changes by the time and the space. By this way, it was found five Qi states of changes, that in the field of Feng Shui, are used in the study of landscape forms, objects, and energy cycles, to assess the impact with the people and the environment.
The Feng Shui can be applied both external than internal landscapes, like furniture of your own home.
At this time many Architects have started to interest this fascinating subject and practise it with successfull in their advices.
BMA offers courses and seminars open to all, to discover awareness of this millenary art.


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