Ba Zi


The Ba Zi, or eight signs, is a very ancient Chinese divinatory art. It originates from the Yi Jing, the Book of Changes. The study of Ba Zi includes the knowledge of the ancient Chinese calendar Xia, the theory and structure of Yin and Yang, the five phases of changing and the movements of Qi. Additionally, there’s the study of the fundamentals of logic and mathematics.

It’s a science which pictures the  precise portrait of the life of a person, starting from the knowledge of the hour, day, month and year of his/her birth. These four moments are called “The 4 Pillars of Destiny”. The calculation of the Ba Zi allows to explore – on the basis of the alternation and the intensity of the forces involved at the moment of our birth – the course and the changes of our life during the years and the most correct moments to create a family, to have friendship relationships, the beginning of love relations, richness and professional success.

To see the energetic phases in which we find ourselves to act, helps us to understand more in depth the nature of the world in which we live, with our destiny alternating among phases of success and failure, so that we are aware of how to face both, strengthening or reducing their effects.

For centuries, the Chinese people accumulated a wide knowledge studying the models of the universe, constellations, and the interaction among man, the environment and time.

From here, came the elaboration of two main models: the condition of the energies of the universe, before and after birth. The first is called Bagua Xian Dian, or Pre Heaven, and identifies our energetic composition before the birth. The second one is called Bagua Hou Dian, or Post Heaven, and identifies the energies of the universe after our birth and during our whole life.

The interaction between these two models, coming from the Yi Jing, allows Ba Zi to analyze the past, the present and the future of every individual.

During the Empire, this art was held in great consideration, and the Emperor himself applied regularly to the predictions of the most famous experts. Even nowadays, many Chinese presidents and company managers apply to the Masters of Ba Zi.
For this reason, BMA organizes and promotes Trainings, both for beginners, intermediate and expert students of this charming discipline.


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