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Giovanni Furnò decided to found Bagua Martial Academy to give a new perspective to the study of Oriental disciplines and Gong Fu. A complete and dynamic vision that can make the fertile seeds of a very ancient cultural tradition grow in the modern civilization.

He approaches martial arts when he’s very young, and when he’s 17 he starts to study some external Chinese Gong Fu styles (waijia).

At the age of 23, after forging his body with hard trainings, he meets the Master who changes his life: this person is Zhang Du Gan, great expert in the Wu Shu Gong Fu style called Ba Gua Zhang. From that moment on, he concentrates with all of his forces on the study of this precious style, which is the mature fruit of Chinese martial culture.

For about five years he dedicates only to learning the style that many people call divine, training professionally all day long.

This study, which has been going on for more than 20 years, becomes richer on one side, and deeper on the other, when Furnò starts to be interested in the study of the Yi Jing, the book of changes that gives life to the style Bagua Zhang with its deep theory. This deep and diligent study leads him to understand that only a daily practice which gives the right importance to theoretical principles can allow matchless progresses.

Today, by virtue of the diligent engagement in practice, and the respect of deep theories, Giovanni Furnò is making his way to a constant technical, cultural and human growth, which allowed him to conjugate the wisdom of the ancient Chinese tradition with the rationality and pragmatism of western culture.

He cultivates his own humility and human willingness to make progresses in the knowledge of the art and of the people who surround him, applying himself to his pupils with devotion and meticulosity. When he’s not teaching he loves to practice and progress unceasingly, both on the physical and the theoretical understanding level, enriching his own store of culture by virtue of the understanding and assimilation of  the Daoist classical texts, that he loves to read with the company of his inseparable cup of Chinese tea, of which he has always been a passionate lover.

Today, his engagement led him to organize an articulated structure, based on clear principles of teaching, with the purpose to widespread a traditional knowledge, up to now unknown in its essence.


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